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Our Founder

Determined to align her passion with her purpose, Chenita Gary strives to empower others to succeed. Whether it is helping people to optimize their business operations or improve their communities, she is sought after in various settings. Along with being a community activist, she is the founder and Lead Efficiency Director of Optimal Virtual Staffing Solution.

Chenita understands what is required to accomplish goals and facilitate progress—while overcoming obstacles. She has 20 years of executive administrative experience working with non-profit, corporate and government entities. Studying Business Administration at Davenport University has complemented her hands-on experiences and helped to hone her multifaceted skill set.

A long-time advocate, she serves as a community activist for Mothering Justice, a statewide organization working to improve the lives of Michigan families. As a result of her dynamic activism, she was elected as the Precinct Delegate 166 under the 13th Congressional Democratic District represented by the U.S. Congressman John Conyers.

In addition to her political and professional duties, Chenita mentors young women, and she is the Community Relations Director for the Detroit region of Pretty Brown Girls. She is affiliated with organizations such as the Belle Isle Conservancy, Walker’s Legacy Foundation, and the NAACP Detroit branch.

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Chenita's work history includes Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southfield, MI, H&R Block Premium Corporate Office and Quicken Loans Operation Team. Recently, she served as Executive Assistant to the City of Detroit’s Mayor, Michael E. Duggan.

Chenita’s humility and resilience are infectious, inspiring those who engage with her. As a devoted mother of three, Chenita aspires to be known as the person, not the business. She remains committed to her community while making Optimal Virtual Staffing Solution the best and only solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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