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    Bryan Barnhill 

    Chief Talent Officer

    City Of Detroit, Mayor Office

    "I have a very hectic schedule that often includes daily back to back meetings and work responsibilities that involve the creation, dissemination and filing of an array of legal documents. Chenita handled those responsibilities with such ease that I relied on her services to help me be more effective at my job. She also has a great sense of humor and a great personality. It did not take long before I began to regard her as a friend and a colleague."

    Shawn Blanchard

    Director of Youth Services

    City of Detroit, Mayor Office

    "Having an executive assistant is critical to executing a multitude of deliverables. Chenita Gary made my work life balanced and efficient. I recommend anyone with a schedule that requires assistance to connect with Chenita Gary."

    Phyllis Jacob

    Director of Leadership And Advocacy, Mothering Justice

    "Chenita is an advocate in our organization, Mothering Justice. I have known Chenita Gary for over two years. Chenita is an extraordinary volunteer who works very hard to help aspire others to create change in their community. She has gone to Lansing with mothering justice to speak to our elected officials about what mothers need to care for their families. Chenita is qualified to lead. I feel she is qualified to teach others. Chenita is a valuable volunteer to our organization and I feel that whatever she chooses to do in the future she will do with great pride and strength."